The wide variety of ammunition and explosives (AE) requires an in-depth understanding of their associated safety issues, as well as experience in their proper handling. Each and every article or substance poses a potential hazard that may, under certain conditions, lead to an explosive event causing casualties and damage to surrounding structures the general public and to the environment. Many accidents that occur around the globe result from the lack of expertise of the people responsible for the explosives site or facility. Human error was and remains the main cause of AE accidents.
The world class experts of the Israeli Explosives Safety Center (IESC) provide comprehensive consulting services and develop solutions for safety needs associated with the handling of explosives, their storage, transport, etc. They also promote knowledge on AE, on compliance with explosives safety requirements and on the assimilation of proper safety procedures.
Among our clients are the government agencies, military organizations (e.g. IAF, HFC), defense oriented plants and civilian industries that work with explosives.
We at the IESC believe that the prerequisite for any operation involving AE is the awareness of the responsible personnel to the existing hazards and risks, and their in-depth understanding of these risks and of safety procedures that effectively address them. Only comprehensive expertise in all explosives safety aspect allows minimizing the probability of an explosive event and significantly mitigating the consequences of accidents.