Hazard classification of AE

UN regulations define AE as Class 1, which is divided into Hazard Divisions (HD), indicating the types of hazards anticipated in the event of an accident involving a specific quantity of ammunition. Class 1 is further divided into Compatibility Groups (CG), designed to minimize the risk of storing together items that will either increase the risk of an accident, or, for a given quantity, the magnitude of the effects of such an accident.
Determining the correct Classification of Hazard Divisionsis a significant datum of the explosive article/substance, which allows to accurately specify the type of hazards anticipated in case of an accident involving explosives, and to understand their implications.
The HD of a particular explosive or type of ammunition are determined by its performance and test results, according to the Manual of Tests and Criteriaof the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.
The IESC performs the Hazard Classification tests (based on UN tests) for the determination of the HD and the exact amount of NEW according to the test results - taking into account the contribution of the propellant or pyrotechnic, which allow reducing the quantity distances from the explosives facility (NEWQD). This enables the IESC to prepare an optimal storage plan, minimizing the risk to personnel, equipment and assets, while meeting mission and operational requirements and fully complying with standards and procedures.