Expertise and Experience

The IESC’s professional staff comprises highly qualified experts with more than 25 years of experience in the various aspects explosives safety, including:

  • Examining the existing explosives safety situation according to permissible exposure levels, based on defined safety criteria.
  • Writing safety manuals and publishing articles about explosives safety issues.
  • Participating in international working groups (NATO), and cooperating with the DDESB.
  • Guiding and training professionals in the field: safety officers, ammunition inspectors, ammunition officers (ESO), commander courses, professional conferences, fire and police departments.
  • Conducting trials and studies on AE: Studying risk effects (such as classification), and providing protection solutions (effectiveness verified in experiments and simulations).
  • Site planning and approving storage facilities, developing methods to minimize the risks arising from a variety of accident scenarios.
  • Developing and approving tailor-made AE storage solutions that comply with safety requirements and support effective operations.
  • Keeping up to date on international explosives safety manuals and standards.
  • Investigating accidents that involve explosives.